Getting The Most From Your Shoot

The Big Day

In order to make the most use of the time with your models, most adult film makers these days will shoot a variety of material in one day that can be used for different outlets: video, stills, hard core porn, soft core porn, and even different endings for the same main footage.

The order in which producers do things varies widely. Some choose to do all the stills first and then have the models get dressed again and shoot all the video, while others shoot their stills as they go along. There are pros and cons to each method and depending on your rationale, you’ll eventually find what works best for you (usually by getting home and realizing you’ve forgotten something). Either way, the money shot has to be captured on all mediums so when you get to that point all bets are off and both stills and video need to be shot at about the same time – unless you plan on faking the cum shot – which is always a tricky proposition.

Think ahead, figure out what you need, and then plan your shoot so that you know what you’re doing on the day. You’ll want to look professional with the talent and the smoother your transitions between media the better you’ll look and the faster your day will go.

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