Anal Sex: 3 Things to Remember

Yep, this is for guys as well. Ater all, this is the one piece of anatamy we all share. Same rules apply. Get over it.

1.) Lube The most common cause of pain in anal sex is lack of lube. You really need to use a decent amount if you are new to this. “Spit and shove” techniques really won’t cut it for beginners. Not only will it hurt, but you could cause some tearing, both inside and out. 

Pick the right sort of lube. Your choice of lube will also be decided by whether or not you are using condoms. Remember, condoms (the latex kind) tend to break down and tear in response to oil based lubes so always use a water based lube when using a condom. (This precludes “natural” lubes like oil and butter which are oil based).

2.) Patience Despite the rough anal sex you see in porno movies, there has usually been some “preparation” off-screen, meaning that the first time you see it go in, is not really the first time it went in. Unless you find anal sex easy, you’ll typically want to get “warmed up” with your partner by starting penetration slowly off camera before the scene starts. That way when the director says “action” penetration can take place easily and the audience will be none the wiser when your partner fakes their scream!

3.) Condoms Condoms can help protect against not only pregnancy but a host of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Condoms come not only in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors but most importantly, fabrics. Latex (rubber) condoms are probably the best and most widely used but they can cause a lack of sensation in many men and inhibit ejaculation.

Natural lamb skin condoms are probably the most natural and feel the best (since they are made of lambs intestines) but they are ever so slightly porous and although they protect against pregnancy fairly well, the holes are large enough to let most STDs through.

Finally, there are polyurethane (non-latex) condoms. Polyurethane is a material like a very fine plastic. These tend to rustle a little like a plastic bag but they transmit heat a little better than rubber and they are also great for people who are “latex sensitive” and cannot therefore wear regular condoms.

There are serveral books on anal sex, both straight and gay. If you’re going to be getting into this, why not get one. You might learn a thing or two.

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