Things to Remember Before you Shoot!

Tips for ActorsGuys: No jacking off the night before please. You’re paid for that cum shot. It should be as powerful and plentiful as possible! (Unless you suffer from premature ejaculation of course, in which case, perhaps you should.)

Girls: Don’t douche your vagina with chemicals… Soap and water is just fine. Chemical douches can actually cause unpleasant after odors.

Guys AND Girls:

  • Don’t floss or brush but mouthwash. Flossing & brushing can leave tiny cuts in your mouth;
  • Your STD test card is like your American Express card. Don’t leave home without it;
  • Do shower thoroughly and be presentable;
  • Leave any bad attitude at home;
  • If you’re doing anal, remember to douche!


  1. adam says:

    Does anyone know what guys can do to make them a) shoot further b) have more shots and c) more volume??

  2. admin says:

    In Jack Lawrence’s Breaking Into Porn DVDs, he talks about a specific hand lotion product – Cetaphil – see the forum section for a discussion on this.

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