AVN Awards Winds Down

Oooh la la!

“After an exciting and incredibly active red carpet that stretched the length of the Palms, the stars filed into the sold-out auditorium to begin the show. Raunchy host Lisa Lampanelli had the audience in stitches within moments joking about giant penises, the lack of Asian men in porn, the taste of ass and handicapped porn.  

People don’t understand how hard it is to host the AVNs, Lampanelli said. They sent me a huge box of porn to watch to prepare. I gotta tell you somethng—you men have huge dicks! If I had one of them in my face I wouldn’t know if I should suck it or feed it a peanut.”

Limpanelli wasn’t done yet. She also had comedian Andy Dick removed by security after due to his alleged drunken antics. And if you find that hard to believe (like Mr. Dick ever misbehaves), you can see that video here.

These are among the more memorable moments reported by AVN, who put on another great show this year! You can read their full “Bits and Pieces” report here.

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