Clone A Willy: Fun but Frustrating

Hands up all those who got the gift of Dildo for Christmas?

Yes, with Clone-A-Willy, you get not only a dildo but one that looks just like you, or should we say, yours. Now that could be a good thing or a bad thing, but either way we hope you got the “starter kit” because it comes with extra moulding powder. And from our experience, it’s darn near impossible to get any aspect of this process right first time around. Instructions need to be followed meticulously or things go badly wrong. And be prepared for a mess… best place is the bathroom or somewhere else with lots of tile.

After ordering extra bags of powder we finally got it right… but even then, the vibrator accidentally fell into the mold and is now burried deep inside the dildo itself. It was a fun project but if all you want is a dildo that works, you might be better off buying a real one. If you don’t mind a laugh with your partner on the other hand and are ok with a mutant dildo, this is definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon with your partner!

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