Digital Playgrounds Toys

By Ralph Greco, Jr.

It really is all about the toys.

Porn movie mega Digital Playground released a toy line based on their über popular Pirates and Pirates II Stagnetti’s Revenge, and added to that line just recently with some more goodies for men and women alike.

“Digital Playground toy sales have exceeded our expectations”, commented Calvista Australia CEO, Michael Bassett, while Daniel Freedman, CEO of said: “Fans are attracted to their favorite Digital Playground stars and the toys are a great fit for our stores because the Pirates brand is so successful.”

Featured on the packaging-and innovative clear containers allowing 360 views-are beautiful D.P. girls like Jesse Jane®, Riley Steele™, Katsuni, Stoya and Janine.

Digital Playground's Pirates Dildo

Digital Playground's "Pirates" Dildo

Of the stuff being offered there is:

2010 AVN ‘O; award winner The Pirate Pendant Vibe, a 3-speed/2-variable vibration little bullet that can be worn as a pendant. This was the first toy that D.P. thought up and the only one  of its kind that can actually be worn as costume jewelry..though doing so people are bound to ask a girl what that is exactly and she may or may not want to tell!

The Hidden Pleasure Vibe featuring 2 new models introduced this summer. This stubby vibrator comes in its own satin-lined treasure chest case, boasting 3 speeds, with the last being quite fast and effective.

Pirate Rabbits able to rotate in 7 clitoral stimulating speeds and 5 for its shaft and Pirates Rocket your basic vibrator (both the Rocket and Rabbit come with a rather nice satin case)

Pirates Booty Stroker, a gelatinous mold of whichever girl you like from the movie. Made of Medical Grade Cyber skin, this slip on is maybe a little too tight for the average guy….but then again that’s the whole point.

Pirates Pleasure Ring made for either couples or solo male use. This vibrating cock-ring sports a pirate hook clitoral stimulator (though slightly flimsy) for couple’s use. Its removable silver bullet runs at 3 speeds and 2 variable vibrations.

Digital Playground is considered a world leader in filmmaking and in branching out to interactive formats. The bane of all of our existences, the net is either a help or a hindrance these days (mostly a little bit of both) but D.P. has managed to use it all to their advantage, not only in promoting their films and now this toy line, but in creating access to the largest HD library available. In the nearly two decades of the companies existence it has earned over 300 awards and garners more tha

n 80% of the high def sales in the adult market. We all know the infamous contract stars of the company, Jesse Jane® (who hipped me about a month before it happened that she was trade-marking her name) Riley Steele™ and many others.

Joone, Digital Playground Founder and Director wrapped up the entire successful march of the company in recent years and the advent of this new toy line: “The success of our Pirates Novelty line is mirroring the best-selling movies that inspired them.”

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